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A walk for colours; Dye map of forest plants

6, October, 2018 @The Big Roof at Kiyosato St. John’s Nursery School and the surrounding forest
Sponsored by Keep Inc. Mori no gakudo office
Supported by Mori no gakudo supporter’s club
Lectured by Akiko ONO/Keep Inc, Environment Education div., & Mayuko FUJII
Workshop coordinator: Yuki KOBAYAHI, Tomoko KIMURA
Map design: Yuki IWASAKI

4 kinds of forest plants used for dye
Lindera Obtusiloba, Dahurian birch, Quercus Crispula/Konara oak, Viburnum
*The forest plants were collected with permission for this workshop.

“A walk for colours” was a title given at a workshop organised by Yokohama Art Museum in 2011. I thought that this mysterious title was suitable for this workshop. So, I asked the person at the museum, who named this title, if I could use it. She gladly consented to my request with her words “It would be so fun if you could expand a walk for colours in various places.”
That is certainly true, it would be so nice if I could do the walk for colours in various places.

Click on the photos and you can check the captions.

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