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1, April

1, Apr, 1996 was Monday.
After graduating from college in March of that year, I became an apprentice to master Ms. Fukumi Shimura.
“Good Morning”
I still remember the moment when I opened the sliding door of her studio in Kyoto and stepped forward, filled with tension and hope.

Although it was just nominal, I started a work for myself and moved to Kamakura where I rented an old house as studio cum home.
Even if the moving boxes were not cleared yet, I wanted to start my work from that day, and it was 1, Apr, 2000 when I dyed threads with freshly pruned branches and leaves of fragrant olive that I obtained from the neighbourhood.

20 years have passed since that day.
It is now a day to celebrate my daughter’s birthday who was born prematurely for nearly a month.
1, April is a special day for my life.

And this year, I am saved to see that the spring has come and new buds have shown no matter what.

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