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Seeds sleep in ice

The ice shows layered as the soft light hits and the seeds sleep therein.

I want to try weaving this design.
The source of creativity is everywhere in the nature that surrounds me and a new year has started for me to explore it.

Wishing everyone a happy 2019.

01/01/2019 | Posted in Diary |


The colored leaves have fallen and a cold winter is approaching day by day here at Mt. Yatsugatake.
On the other hand, it makes me feel warm to see my cats covered with fluffy fur, curled up their bodies and sleeping comfortably in my house.

10/11/2018 | Posted in Diary |


A workshop, designed for children to make a map of plants for dyeing in the woods, will be held a week later.
I went into the rainy woods alone for the inspection.
In the misty trees, I could not feel the end.

29/09/2018 | Posted in Diary |

To Mashiko/Hijisai

I visited Mashiko-machi Tochigi Prefecture with my family for the first time in a while.
The purpose was to enjoy the Hijisai (Festival) but above all, to see a piece of work of my friend, Masaya Hashimoto, which was displayed at Yamamoto Hachimangu shrine.

23/09/2018 | Posted in Diary |

New weaving machines

I think Kyoto is really good.
Is it because of its beautiful townscape with a charm of ancient city, the historic shrines and temples, and delicious restaurants/cafes?
Surely, those are the reasons too, but there is Nishijin.
Although decreased in number, there are still shops, studios and the skilled craftsmen gathering at Nishijin, which are to do with dyeing and weaving.
It would be reassuring to have somewhere close to you where you can visit and have a talk at any time when you are stuck and worried, looking for something, or have something in mind that you wish to try.

10/09/2018 | Posted in Diary |

Late summer greetings

I am enduring fierce heat since there seems little benefit from a cold region at the foot of a mountain this summer.
I have been working without an air conditioner ever since I moved to the foot of Yatsugatake, but it is quite tough.

08/08/2018 | Posted in Diary |

Sowing seeds

The shelled seeds gathered from Ai (Japanese Indigo) that was planted in my field last year.
If you put them in between your palms and give them a rub, you would see the seeds appear that resemble black sesame.

01/06/2018 | Posted in Diary |

Greed for preservation

If every person has something called a “desire”, I have a desire to preserve the colour of plants and to surround myself with them.
Sweet flowers, lovely berries, swaying grass in the wind and lush tree leaves. I want to keep them as they are at this moment.
All this time, the desire has driven me to dye threads with plants and weaving them into a form of cloth.

01/05/2018 | Posted in Diary |

Spring of Sakura colour

In this spring, my daughter finished a nursery school and had embarked on the new stage to start an elementary school.
The joy to see her grow into a school girl, and the loneliness to realise the end of her babyhood whom I was able to hold completely in my arms.
The colour of Sakura* which is pink mixed with grey, perfectly matches with my mixed feelings.

07/04/2018 | Posted in Diary |