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To Kyoto

I headed to Kyoto early Sunday morning when a typhoon was approaching.
This was to attend the celebration of my master Ms. Fukumi Shimura’s ninetieth birthday.

21/10/2014 | Posted in Diary |


The gorgeous dusk like a flower on the point of falling
I wish I could copy that colour

21/10/2014 | Posted in Diary |

Before Harvesting

The season turns slowly from winter to spring around this area and we all look forward to the spring to come.
On the other hand, the season turns quickly from summer to fall with no time to say good-bye to the summer.

At dusk, strolling around the neighbourhood.
It was almost time to harvest rice that are carefully grown.
It was a calm day without the wind and the golden rice fields that have begun to cast the shadow of dusk look lonely as if they were waiting quietly for harvesting.

Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the shiny new rice freshly cooked.

27/09/2014 | Posted in Diary |

Forest time

At a nursery school where my daughter goes at an altitude of 1,300 meters, there is “Forest Time” and children spend lots of time in the forest adjacent to the nursery.

20/09/2014 | Posted in Diary |