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“Drizzle” 2019
Material: Silk
Dye: Dogwood, Indigo

08/06/2019 | Posted in Works |

Colours received from mountains and water: Let’s dye a postcard made of washi with plants

I will be doing a summer workshop “Let’s dye a postcard made of wash with plant” associated with special exhibition “Literature of mountains and water” celebrating 30th anniversary of Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Literature

13:00-15:00 on 27, July, 2019
@ ”Soshinan” in Arts Park

01/06/2019 | Posted in Information |


“Sprout” 2019
Material: Silk
Dye: Japanese butterbur, Mugwort, Aster, Yulan, etc

11/05/2019 | Posted in Works |


We have moved forward from era of Heisei to Reiwa.

Among the series of touching ceremonies, I particularly gazed at the Emperor of Heisei wearing “Korozen-no-goho” during the Taiirei-Tojitsu-Kashikodokoro-Omae (one of the abdication ceremonies).
The colour of the traditional attire that only the Emperor can wear at an important ceremony, “Korozen”, is dyed with sumac (the cashew family) for yellow and sappan (native to the tropics) for red, mixing them together to dye refined and soft colour of reddish yellow.
Naturally, the colour varies to some degree from time to time, but I observed the “Korozen” this time was a noble colour with dignity, taking into account the background that it had been inherited for a long time.
It was the end and the beginning of the era where I could feel “Japanese tradition” and “inheriting”.

02/05/2019 | Posted in Diary |

The first day of spring

“The first day of spring” 2019
Material: Silk
Dye: Yulan, Japanese Apricot, Aster, Lithospermum root, Chestnut

21/03/2019 | Posted in Works |

The Rhythm of Handwriting

The other day, I went to Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Literature to discuss the workshop which is planned in this summer. I will notify the detail when it’s ready.

After the meeting, I looked around the exhibition “The Rhythm of Handwriting” currently being held at the museum.
There you can see hand-drawn scrolls, and handwritten manuscripts and letters by Akiko YOSANO, Ryunosuke AKUTAGAWA, Dakotsu IIDA, Seiko NAKAMURA, Seifu TSUDA, Taijun TAKEDA, and etc.
In this era where electronic characters are the mainstream, I am moved by the energy (rhythm) of the writing while imagining through the handwriting the way people were like and lived.

14/03/2019 | Posted in Diary |

After the funeral

At the end of last month, my mother-in-law (hereinafter mother) passed away and her husband, father-in-law (hereinafter father), passed away just ten days later.
They were both under medical care, father at a nursing home and mother at a hospital, and I was thinking easy to take my daughter in this coming spring break to visit them, but I had no idea they would pass away so quickly. I couldn’t do anything before they died.

10/03/2019 | Posted in Diary |

Page of winter

I love winter which partly forces me to turn inwards.

26/01/2019 | Posted in Diary |

Float in Music

“Float in Music”
Stone Carving: Ayako UEDA
Shifu: Mayuko FUJII
Music woven in Shifu: BACH ”Suite Ⅵ BWV1012 SARABAND” selected by Ayako UEDA
Washi: Yoshiko KAKO
Photograph: Isao HIRACHI presented by Gallery SU

06/01/2019 | Posted in Works |