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English website

Thank you for visiting my website.
I am pleased to announce that my new English website has been created.
The website is designed by Ikuko who has been helping me with my Japanese website since its launch, and all my blogs started from 2014 were translated by my longtime best friend spending over a year.
The English website was created for the purpose of reading by English speakers, but looking at the completed work, I come to realise that Japanese readers could also enjoy it too.
My clumsy writing may be easier to read in well-ordered English.

By translating into English, I also learned and made new discoveries.
For example, she carefully uses different words such as “transfer”, “copy” and “transcribe” according to the context while just one same word is used in Japanese. 

Also, the Japanese word for “fruit” as a dye refers to berry, nut as well as fruit collectively, and she translates it into berry (eg. Harlequin glorybower), nut (eg. Acorn) and fruit (eg. Cape jasmine) in English accordingly.

I have also started Instagram from this spring.
The blog I write mainly about my work together with things happen and how I feel at the time, and Instagram as a new place, I think of them both like my atelier.
I hope you will visit and enjoy my blog and Instagram when you have time.
Thank you.

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