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“HANADUNA” has started

I went to gallery geshi as the exhibition “HANADUNA” had started.

I managed to meet bamboo craftsman Yoshimichi YOSHIDA and metalwork craftsman Tomohito MATSUBARA, and had a chance to listen to their valuable stories such as about the delicate work and the ways to confront with materials.
The beauty that is created out of their undoubted skills, sophistication and charming personality.
I feel very happy to have this opportunity to work with such two gentlemen.

HANADUNA exhibition

5/7/2018 thu. - 16/7 mon.
open 11:00~18:00
closed tuesday+4/7 wed.18/7 wed.

Gallery geshi
2F,54 Daimoncho,Nagano-shi,Nagano-ken 380-0841

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