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HANADUNA exhibition

5/7/2018 thu. - 16/7 mon.
open 11:00~18:00
closed tuesday+4/7 wed.18/7 wed.

Gallery geshi
2F,54 Daimoncho,Nagano-shi,Nagano-ken 380-0841


As I have had the privilege of joining bamboo craftsman Yoshimichi YOSHIDA and metalwork craftsman Tomohito MATSUBARA, I am putting my works in the exhibition.
I was thrilled as if I had returned to the innocence of childhood when I heard from Miyata-san from Gallery geshi* that she had decided to name the exhibition “HANADUNA” meaning an accessory braided with flowering plants and berries.
I made “Sukiyabukuro” and “Kobukusa” by using the cuttings of my cloths some of which were from 10 years ago and others recently woven.

It was an exciting work too, to revive the cuttings that had been lying idle in my atelier.
I hope you enjoy.

*Geshi: The summer solstice. One of the twenty-four seasons of the lunar calendar to denote a day when the daytime is the longest and the night time is the shortest in the northern hemisphere.

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