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Herbarium of the Senses vol.05 Cherry

When the cherry blossoms sprout on the thawed Yatsugatake
The light after a long time warms up the cold air.

Let’s have some colour of earth and cherry blossoms bit by bit
From the branch that has stored plenty of nutrients during a prolonged winter

Put the beautiful smell of flowers and leaves in layers of snowy salt
Taking the layers of earth for a model, and we will deliver it to the future

The moment you have white sakuramochi* wrapped with soft leaf under your very nose
A scene full of colours may spread in front of you

A year that has started with signals of wild grass
Why not gather under the flowers together with us

Sakuramochi : rice cake filled with sweet bean paste and wrapped in a pickled cherry leaf


“Herbarium and senses” which finally rotated the four seasons using mugwort, dogwood, osmanthus frangrans and fir.
This year starts with cherry.
Let’s explore the hidden characteristics of cherry on the theme of “salt” and “layer”.
I look forward to seeing you this year again.

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