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Yulan magnolia

Herbarium and textile: Mayuko Fujii
Material: Silk
Dye: Yulan magnolia

16/07/2020 | Posted in Works |


“ Flow” 2020
Material: Silk
Dye: Katsura tree, Lithospermum root

01/03/2020 | Posted in Works |


“Drizzle” 2019
Material: Silk
Dye: Dogwood, Indigo

08/06/2019 | Posted in Works |


“Sprout” 2019
Material: Silk
Dye: Japanese butterbur, Mugwort, Aster, Yulan, etc

11/05/2019 | Posted in Works |

The first day of spring

“The first day of spring” 2019
Material: Silk
Dye: Yulan, Japanese Apricot, Aster, Lithospermum root, Chestnut

21/03/2019 | Posted in Works |

Float in Music

“Float in Music”
Stone Carving: Ayako UEDA
Shifu: Mayuko FUJII
Music woven in Shifu: BACH ”Suite Ⅵ BWV1012 SARABAND” selected by Ayako UEDA
Washi: Yoshiko KAKO
Photograph: Isao HIRACHI presented by Gallery SU

06/01/2019 | Posted in Works |


  Masaya HASHIMOTO material/ buckhorn
  Mayukko FUJII (made Fukusa) material/ silk, cherry

Asako TANAKA / Masaya HASHIMOTO : Intimate Otherness
17June – 2 July 2017 Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Hours : 2-7pm (Final Day 5pm)
Opening Party :17June, 5-7pm

22/06/2017 | Posted in Works |


“Falling snow turns into rain and ice melts into water”, which explains about “Usui”, one of the twenty-four seasonal divisions of a year in the old lunar calendar, has passed and there was a day when rain turned into snow and then turned into rain again around this area.
It is a textile that is like a description of rain turned from snow.

“ Usui” 2016
Material: Silk
Dye: acorn, chestnut, Lithospermum root

24/02/2016 | Posted in Works |


I wove a kimono textile called “Sanshiki” for my three-year-old daughter’s Shichigosan*.
With three colours dyed with three kinds of plant, Akane (madder), Shikon (lithospermum root) and Kusagi (harlequin glorybower) , I wove a check-pattern textile using number of threads with multiple of three. It was a textile I stuck to three numbers.

01/12/2015 | Posted in Works |