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Indigo Island

When you release threads into the indigo, you will see the iridescent bubbles rise on the surface of the liquid.
This proves that the indigo is well fermented and healthy.
The bubbles that look like islands floating on the ocean change the shape freely with my movement.
It’s like I am having a conversation with the indigo.
The Indigo is alive for sure.

04/12/2019 | Posted in Diary |

Shumi Doki! Kurashini ikasu Nippon no Nuno

We have fine clear autumn days here at the foot of Yatsugatake and coloured forest trees in red and yellow attract attention.
However, the chill of the mornings and evenings makes me realise the arrival of winter, and autumn of mountains passes quickly.

It was late summer when the heat was still severe, I received an actress Ms Naomi NISHIDA and introduced my everyday work and textiles in my daily life.
I was nervous because there was a TV camera too, but it turned into a good and fun memory to have experienced dyeing and talking with Ms. Nishida which was her first time for dyeing with plants.

11/11/2019 | Posted in Information |

Windows wide open

The windows with old steel frames do not have screens, so they are rarely fully opened.
But I open this window in the atelier only this time of the year.
I don’t mind insects coming in.
If only I can capture the sweet aroma of fragrant olive.

03/10/2019 | Posted in Diary |


“Drizzle” 2019
Material: Silk
Dye: Dogwood, Indigo

08/06/2019 | Posted in Diary |