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“A Summer day with Plants &flowers” Watercolor workshop

Ms. Kazuyo Imai is a watercolour painter, who draws flowers, insects, and birds in delicate touch with beautiful colours. She spends three months in Denmark for creating her works every summer.

I have been wishing to have her workshop for several years , but unfortunately we could not make it since she was not here in summer.

However, since she is here in Japan this summer, I am pleased to announce that we are going to have the long-awaited workshop.

Aside from the paintings that you see at her exhibitions, she cherishes sketches that she makes in daily-life.
She says that the repetition of daily sketch is the basis of her work. Those sketches are fabulous as themselves and I would like to take this opportunity to learn a part of the essential processes in painting.

In this workshop, first we will sketch using pencils mainly to capture the figure of plants and flowers in lines (observation) and then we sketch & colour it using watercolours. using the sense and image you have got when drawing them with pencil. We will have two sessions, what Kazuyo calls “morning sketch” and “afternoon sketch”. (the light and plants may look slightly different but the both sessions are basically the same)

There is something in common between the watercolour painting which comprises water and paint, and the dyeing that extracts plant dye into water.
As I strive “to extract clear colour” in plant dyeing, the lucidity in her paintings is appealing to my heart.
For this time, I will be there to help organize the space & surroundings for safe, comfortable and rich time.
I will look forward to your participation in good health.

Mayuko Fujii,

Date & Time:Sunday, 9, August, 2020
morning sketch 10:00-12:30 (opens at 9:45)
afternoon sketch 14:00-16:30 (opens at 13:45)
Venue: Mayuko Fujii’s atelier (Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture. 10 min walk from Kobuchizawa Station)
Capacity: 5 people respectively (subject to primary school students and above)
Participation Fee: JPY 3,000
Things required to bring along: Apron, Hat, Water bottle.
Please bring along any flowers and plants that you wish to draw if any.

I would like to seek your cooperation to wear a mask during the workshop.
For Inquiries and Application: Please send your message using the form found in the “contact” here in my website.

May I seek your understanding to make sure that you are in good health condition to travel and to participate the workshop.
Depending on the situation, the schedule may be unavoidably changed.

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