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English website

Thank you for visiting my website.
I am pleased to announce that my new English website has been created.
The website is designed by Ikuko who has been helping me with my Japanese website since its launch, and all my blogs started from 2014 were translated by my longtime best friend spending over a year.

01/06/2020 | Posted in Information |

Shumi Doki! Kurashini ikasu Nippon no Nuno

We have fine clear autumn days here at the foot of Yatsugatake and coloured forest trees in red and yellow attract attention.
However, the chill of the mornings and evenings makes me realise the arrival of winter, and autumn of mountains passes quickly.

It was late summer when the heat was still severe, I received an actress Ms Naomi NISHIDA and introduced my everyday work and textiles in my daily life.
I was nervous because there was a TV camera too, but it turned into a good and fun memory to have experienced dyeing and talking with Ms. Nishida which was her first time for dyeing with plants.

11/11/2019 | Posted in Information |

Colours received from mountains and water: Let’s dye a postcard made of washi with plants

I will be doing a summer workshop “Let’s dye a postcard made of wash with plant” associated with special exhibition “Literature of mountains and water” celebrating 30th anniversary of Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Literature

13:00-15:00 on 27, July, 2019
@ ”Soshinan” in Arts Park

01/06/2019 | Posted in Information |

Shifu 2018

I will be putting my piece of “Shifu” on exhibition of Ayako UEDA, a stone-carving artist.
The Shifu is my collaboration with her.
She was describing the yet unseen piece of work as “like floating a (stone-carved) boat on the Shifu that is just like ripples…”
Together with Ueda-san’s works, made of stone yet somehow soft and warm with profundity, I hope that you will enjoy my piece of work and have a good time when you visit the exhibition.

Gallery SU
8, Dec, 2018 (Sat) – 23, Dec, 2018 (Sun) 12:00-19:00
Closed: 11, Dec (Tue) and 18, Dec (Tue)

03/12/2018 | Posted in Information |


HANADUNA exhibition

5/7/2018 thu. - 16/7 mon.
open 11:00~18:00
closed tuesday+4/7 wed.18/7 wed.

Gallery geshi
2F,54 Daimoncho,Nagano-shi,Nagano-ken 380-0841

21/06/2018 | Posted in Information |

Herbarium of the senses vol.06 Indigo and Mint

Midsummer is a season when trees & plants are most powerful.

The seeds of indigo planted in the garden in this spring are exposed to sunshine of the foothills and are spreading leaves widely.

Let’s pick the indigo grass together, tap it on a paper to transfer the shape and grind the leaves.

With green sap made from the grind, we will dye handkerchief dazzling light blue.

Another way to make use of the sap is to make sauce that will be served with refreshing mint ice cream.

Since ancient times, indigo and mint have also played a role in protecting the body.

Why not experience a memorable colours and scent for both adults and children in this hot summer.

10/07/2017 | Posted in Information |

Herbarium of the Senses vol.05 Cherry

When the cherry blossoms sprout on the thawed Yatsugatake
The light after a long time warms up the cold air.

Let’s have some colour of earth and cherry blossoms bit by bit
From the branch that has stored plenty of nutrients during a prolonged winter

Put the beautiful smell of flowers and leaves in layers of snowy salt
Taking the layers of earth for a model, and we will deliver it to the future

The moment you have white sakuramochi* wrapped with soft leaf under your very nose
A scene full of colours may spread in front of you

A year that has started with signals of wild grass
Why not gather under the flowers together with us

Sakuramochi : rice cake filled with sweet bean paste and wrapped in a pickled cherry leaf

17/03/2017 | Posted in Information |

Herbarium of the Senses vol.04 Fir

The chill just before snow covers the ground
Nishi Aizu was barely in a pleasant season
Let’s start the preparation for the holy night using fir

The trunk of fir is for coloured socks as deep as the number of annual rings
The leaves of fir is for herring confit from the wisdom of mountainous region
The branch of fir is for distilled water which changes a bedroom into a forest

A village with circulation within this area
A village of herbs in this land
There are people who are trying to make such a village

To the land you have yet to see with people you have yet to meet
Why not go out on a journey for encounter

01/11/2016 | Posted in Information |