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Travel to North Island, New Zealand

A few years ago, when I was looking for Eco-friendly detergents and hand soaps, the products I unconsciously chose was “Made in New Zealand” and that was the beginning of my interest in the country.
Then this summer, I was able to actually visit.
New Zealand is known to be an environmentally advanced country, while having common feature with Japan in terms of island nation with beautiful four seasons.
Underlying New Zealand’s people is the indigenous Maori worldview that “humans are only a part of nature and do not control it.”
Although it was just a 10 day trip, here is to share with you the Eco-friendly everyday life of North Island, New Zealand, where I seemed to come in touch with the worldview just a little.

Click on the photos and you can check the captions.

18/08/2019 | Posted in Diary |