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Herbarium of the senses vol.06 Indigo and Mint

Midsummer is a season when trees & plants are most powerful.

The seeds of indigo planted in the garden in this spring are exposed to sunshine of the foothills and are spreading leaves widely.

Let’s pick the indigo grass together, tap it on a paper to transfer the shape and grind the leaves.

With green sap made from the grind, we will dye handkerchief dazzling light blue.

Another way to make use of the sap is to make sauce that will be served with refreshing mint ice cream.

Since ancient times, indigo and mint have also played a role in protecting the body.

Why not experience a memorable colours and scent for both adults and children in this hot summer.

Slightly different from usual “Herbarium of the senses” workshop for a change.
Together with adults and children, wishing to turn hot summer a refreshing time of lively fun with colours and scent.


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